This page shows many of the games I have worked on. They range from personal projects, class assignments, paid work, and Game Jams.


Loot Box/Card Pack Opening

This is a quick card pack opening that I made in a few hours


Conviction: A PC vs VR 2 Player Game:

Conviction has 2 players. Player 1 is the VR Sentinel searching for the PC player “variant” who is committing crimes in the city where conformity is demanded.



Unity Camera Work: Boss Fight Intro



Unreal Engine Cinematic Sequencer:




Gladiator concept code for game currently in development

Top Left: A VR/PC co-op game where the VR player searches for the PC player to destroy.  Top Right: A Battle Royale maze game in the works where players can only kill others indirectly (put them in a position to die)

Bottom: a Gladiator arena style game where viewers can vote to influence fights.



Tri-color is a VR puzzle solving game. my team and I made at the 2018 Global Game Jam.


Silent Night

Selected to be shown at SIEGE 2016

Silent Night, an indie horror game about sound.

Created by 6 students in a game jam and developed further, Silent Night has been shown off at SEIGEcon, the largest game development convention in the southeast, and has received praise for both originality in mechanics and quality of assets.

We are Interactive(); – and this is our first game. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

Silent Night is in beta, and below is a completely free demo for you to enjoy!  Current state not indicative of final product, Silent Night and all related property copyrighted by company Interactive (); All rights reserved.

Silent Night (c) 2016 Interactive();



VR Alpha Gameplay



Cosmic Brownie

Cosmic Brownie is the game that I made with my team, Null Interactive, for the 2017 Global Game Jam. The theme for the jam was “waves.”

Cosmic Brownie is an action/casual/ survival game where the player must surf along space waves to defeat an evil Space Narwhal, Lord Whalington, and his evil space minions (who also happen to be sea life surviving in space).


VR Escape Room Basics:

Untitled (Sad Dog)

As many of you have seen already, I am no artist. That being said, I am very proud of this particular piece. I did all the artwork for this(probably my best art ever), as well as the code.  I made this when my dog was sick and i felt powerless to help her. So, I made this game so that I could help a dog in need


My very first game

2 weeks into starting  the game design program and with no prior experience, I teamed up with a few other brand new game designers and this is what we came up with during our first game jam.

Teacher, Teacher (an educational game)

For this game I was the only programmer. I spent a lot of time on the UI and interactions.

Teacher, Teacher is a game where you play as a, you guessed it, teacher who controls the instruction methods for your classroom. The AI students take tests and other exams and this determines your success as a teacher. The AI causes different students to learn in different ways so you will have to adjust your teaching methods to help everyone learn as much as they can!



SILENT NIGHT (Chosen as part of the showcase for the 2016 Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo) silent-night-logo

Silent Night – Windows

Silent Night – MAC OS X

COSMIC BROWNIE  (Winner of the International Conference on Game Jams and Hackathons (ICGJ) 2017 “Best in Show” award)

title screen.png

Cosmic Brownie – Windows