Game Dev Updates

The following posts are updates for a game currently I am currently developing, The title is still TBD but I am referring to it as “Social Gladiator” for now.


WEEK                            TASK

8/26 – 8/30           Implement basic 3D models, create movement code

9/2 – 9/6               Create basic character animations, create combat code and player health

9/9 – 9/13             Level/Environment and In Game UI, Code Game States (Match start/finish)

9/16 – 9/20           Main Menu UI, Networking – Create Room,

9/23 – 9/27           Networking – Player Movement and Interactions

9/30 – 10/4           Networking – Spectator Join Room, Networking – Spectator Voting UI

10/7 – 10/11         Spectator Voting Results, Spectator results interaction/game effect

10/14 – 10/18       Random object/animal spawning, End of Fight screen/Winners Decision

10/21 – 10/25       Player Reputation

10/28 – 11/1         Leaderboards

11/4 – 11/8           User Feedback/Testing

11/11 – 11/15       Identify and fix bugs from User feedback

11/18 – 11/22       Determine Stretch goals to be implemented (if any)

11/25 – 11/29       Optimize and Create final build




Health UI, Animation Improvement


  1. Main Menu w/start button
  2. A very basic UI representation of the player and enemy health (Will change later).
  3. As health goes down so does the health bar
  4. Once health reaches 0, death animation is played.
  5. Game Over scene


  1. New fighter
  2. Improve Game Over scene
  3. Implement voting for game over
  4. Improve poll system visuals
  5. Improve animation quality
  6. Start networking/multiplayer implementation



Basic Movement, Combat, and Health


  1. Basic Environment (including skybox)
  2. Basic Movement with animations
  3. Basic attack with animation
  4. Hit animation (when player is struck by enemy weapon it shows an “Impact” animation)
  5. 3rd person camera w/ mouse look
  6. Basic Health (not displayed yet)
  7. Death animation when health reaches 0.


  1. Improve combat hitboxes
  2. Create health UI to display health
  3. Improve movement animations slightly



Basic Animations and Mixer Integration:

So a few tings to unpack here:

  1. basic combat animations put together
  2. Displaying Button UI on mixer
  3. Mixer buttons have custom text and send data to Unity. ( I did not follow my schedule and skipped ahead to mixer T.T )
  4. Displaying number of times (in %) each button was pressed on Mixer stream via UI text


  1. Creating a basic environment for players to move around.
  2. Create basic combat animations and health




This is a gladiator style combat game that takes place in a Colosseum environment meant to emulate the gladiator games that took place in ancient Rome but with a modern social twist/aspect to the fights.
Players can choose from different characters with different fighting styles to face off against other players in the Colosseum.
While two players are fighting, others may spectate the fight and have an effect during and at the end of the match.
During the match, spectators will be prompted to vote (eon if they want an added challenge to the fight. An example of this would be tigers/lions/some animal being released in the arena to disrupt the players.
At the end of the match, spectators vote on whether they think the loser should live or die. Once the results are in, the winning player can choose to listen to or ignore what the “crowd” wants. This will affect their prestige/reputation in the game which can lead to titles (ex: if the player follows the crowds wishes often they may unlock the “crowd pleaser” title or “crowd hater” (names tbd) if they ignore the crowd often).
Likely to include online leaderboards for different metrics such as win/loss ration and reputation points (good and bad)
Possible Twitch or Mixer integration for voting

I am looking forward to keeping you all up date on my progress.





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