About Me

Main Skills: Programming and Game Story/Writing

Before my transition into the world of game design, I was a soldier for 7 years as an Information Technology Specialist.

I spent some quality time in many places, including: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and of course the great state of Georgia.

I am originally from Texas but my military career brought me to Georgia where I was fortunate enough to find an amazing woman which convinced me to stay in Georgia once my military career came to an end.

My original plan was to attend Kennesaw State University and pursue a degree in Information Technology. Before I declared a major, I realized that my heart was not in IT. As i discovered this, I saw that there was a Computer Game Design and Development major and I knew that this was the chance of a lifetime.

So here I am today, A game designer learning something new every day about the wonderful world of game design and I am loving every minute of it!

Another Day in Kuwait


Water Balloon Musical Chairs


Cultural Day in Saudi Arabia